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Detail of Orange Nest by Rachel Max
Detail of Orange Nest by Rachel Max
Detail of Yellow Pages by Rachel Max
Detail of Nocturne by Rachel Max

My interest in basketry grew out of experiments with the tactile and the textile properties of metals. Whilst my background in metalwork remains an integral part of my work, the materials and techniques used in basketry enable me to create a fabric to shape sculptural forms. The fabric itself is a delicate grid structure forming an intricate network of lines that are interlinked. The weave creates the foundation of all my work. Pieces are often inspired by natural shapes, while the concept of containment and concealment is a long-standing interest of mine. I have developed a technique of layering to form structures that explore the relationship between lines and shadows and space. The materials used may vary; however, I have a particular penchant for fine cane, which has a delicacy that is pliable, with wire-like characteristics that suit the open weave compositions that I have been exploring. The contrast of very regular patterns with looser weaves is a recurring theme. Colour, the final stage, is the necessary ingredient that unifies the process; it is paramount to my work.






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